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This site has evolved from a testing pad and commentary on the development of the processing that generated it to reflect the emergence of the process and the ability to provide the infrastructure required for rapid deployment of data driven web sites.


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Prior to 2000, I worked in an accounting role for a major financial institution.

between 2000 and 2010, I worked as a programmer for a medium sized mail house writing code predominantly in Perl and Visual Basic (VB6). What has been missing has been feedback from peer reviews together with the time and incentive to keep up to date with advances in programming. I believe that honest, well intended, feedback is critical to the process of learning. In this politically correct world there is all to often an inclination to gloss over negative feedback and concentrate on the positive feedback. In my opinion, this merely slows the rate at which one can learn.

PollShould shirts have pockets?
Don't care

Since I came to full time programming, I have benefited enormously from solutions and code snippets available on the web.

Over the last ten years, .NET slipped in while I was not looking and HTML markup went from capital letters, tables and no css to XHTML, divs and css. Also someone decided that it would be a good idea to make shirts without pockets. Poor decision!

Two years of intense study have since corrected the programming issues. I do not appear to have any control over the pocket issue.

Photography is something of a hobby if not an obsession for me and I see this site as providing an opportunity to showcase some of the photographs that I have taken. It is also a way to showcase the particularly beautiful part of the world in which I now live.

Australia provides a clarity of light that is difficult to explain. To the North of Sydney golden sand beaches lead up to the mouth of the Hawkesbury river and the aquatic playgrounds that are Pittwater, Cowan Creek and Broken Bay. This area is surrounded by several national parks the largest of which is Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park .

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