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How much will it cost?

What will it cost?

This is the big question and there is no short answer. As always, it depends on what you want. However, a basic site will cost in the region of $700 - $800. This includes the database definition, the design of the site (colours and layout) and inserting your content into the sites pages. A site like this one would come in at the lower end of that range.

There are some other costs that should also be explained:

Domain registration

This is the cost of buying your domain name. (this site's domain name is 'Guybon.com'). Prices vary but a budget of $20 per year should cover this. For example a .com.au domain costs around $35 for a two years registration and a .com domain can be purchased for about $150 for ten years registration.

Site hosting

This is the cost of getting someone to host your site on their server. Again prices vary and can depend on the amount of traffic generated by your site. A rough guideline for a start up site would be around $150 per year. If your site is generating too much traffic, then cost will be one of your lesser worries as your business should be expanding. If this is not the case, the content may need to be adjusted to improve the conversion rate of visits to sales.

Site maintenance

At Guybon.com, we do not require sites to be hosted on a server controlled by us. If we organise hosting for you, the base cost of the hosting is passed on to the client.

With this paradigm, there is no regular income stream available for providing maintenance. We believe that this is a fair option for our clients as cost is then directly related to work performed.

We offer a maintenance package that presently provides up to two hours of maintenance per month for a regular payment of $80 per month. Alternatively, maintenance can be self managed or provided by us at an agreed hourly rate.


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Running Costs (PA)
Set up (One off)
Site build400
- - - -
Total (1st year)$855

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