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Looking for a web site?

Don't have a web site?

First question to answer is 'Do you need one?' and that depends on many factors. If you are seriously inclined to look at what a web site might do for your business, call us on 0410 468 795 for an obligation free chat about what you want and where you want the web to take you?

We do not take on work that we do not believe that we can finish and, importantly, we do not take on work if we believe that we can not meet our clients expectations. Initial discussions are all about what your expectations are and what can be done to meet them.

The wrong reason

Clearly not good

There is a notion that everyone should have a web site. This is blatantly false. If your business is operating as you want it to or your target audience are not web savvy, why waste money on a web site?

If, on the other hand you are looking at getting a web presence, let's have a quick look at what is involved:

  • Make a short list of what you expect of a web site.
  • Jot down some notes on the content you want for each page.
  • Look and feel. Pick a couple of web sites that you like (note their www address)

What will it cost?

As a rough guide for a 5 - 10 page site:

  • Site build: $700 one off
  • Domain registration: $70 for two years
  • Hosting: $10 - $20 per month
  • Site maintenance depends on who does it. Do it yourself $0.

Call Tony on 0410 468 795 or use our contact form


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  • Blog on any page
  • Product showcase

Catching up

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