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Balance Property Solutions

How often have you heard of Real Estate Agents who quote a price they will able to sell a home for, only to find out, once you have signed up, they cannot sell the property for that price.

Our agents are expected to quote honest & realistic prices for the sale of the property in question, not a pie in the sky quote just to win your business.

Robert K Vinton

Registered Tax Agent specialising in taxation and business solutions. Robert is the co-author together with Dr Helen Bowers of 'Office Tax Procedures process business tax requirements' published by Pearson Australia which is currently in its 9th edition and remains as a bestseller in the educational market over a 20 year timeframe. This includes being short listed in the Australian awards for excellence in educational publishing.

Balance Financial Solutions

Balance Financial Solutions specialises in Aged Care. They can help you find a financial solution that is tailored to your needs.

Backplane Systems Technology

Located in Sydney, Australia, Backplane Systems Technology specialise in the supply of high integrity electronic 'building blocks' for data acquisition, monitoring and control systems. A complete package of well specified, reliable and internationally recognised hardware products for systems integrators and control engineers.


Breakline drafting is strongly focused on 'soft' engineering solutions as opposed to the 'hard' engineering solutions of the past. The planning and execution of these programs is closely linked to the installation of natural occurring components such as rocks and environmentally friendly products such as coir logs and geotextiles. Breakline Drafting is experienced in presenting this methodology and has associations with bodies that can initiate the planning of these 'soft' engineering projects.


iSignpak is an End-to-End Digital Signage Solutions provider. Integrating reliable media players with the internationally renowned Wallflower Global's Dynamic Digital Signage Management Software, plus screens, content generation, installation, training and finance.

ICP Digital Signage

ICP Digital Signage specialise in reliable hardware for the digital signage market. We offer long-term availability Digital Signage Media Players from entry-level USB/Flash Card to Intel Core 2 Duo Media Players with 2 year warranties.

Cobra 105

Documents the building of a kit Cobra car. This is a hobby site built for a friend

ICP Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

ICP Electronics Australia Pty Ltd are the official Australian agents for IEI Technology Inc. ICP Electronics Australia is a wholly Australian owned company and provides the Australian market with a high standard of industrial computer products, customer service and technical support at a competitive price.

ICP Electronics Australia supplies a range of highly reliable industrial computer products. These products include SBCs (ISA, PCI, PCI/ISA & PICMG), Embedded Boards, Panel PCs, 19" Rackmount Chassis, Compact Wall/Panel-mount Enclosures PC/104 Modules, IDE Flash Disks & Modules, LCD/CRT Display Boards & Monitors, Workstations, Industrial Power Supplies, Communication Boards, Backplanes (PCI, ISA, PCI/ISA & PICMG), Data Acquisition & Control and Distributed I/O Modules.

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