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Features of our sites

What we do

In conjunction with our designers, we build affordable web sites that are easy to maintain.

We have developed tools to facilitate the rapid deployment of feature rich web sites that truly reflect the organisation that they represent.

Our web sites come with front end management of the content and also include:

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  • Gallery to display photographs and images
  • Date dependent content that is included only between from and to dates.
  • Polls
  • Self registration
  • Authentication and authorisation to enable secure display of content.
  • Dynamic menus
  • Contact forms
  • Comment (blog) capability can be added to any page.
  • An eCommerce capability is presently being developed.

Did we get help? Yes we did. Please see our acknowledgements page to learn more about some of the excellent resources freely available on the internet. The list will undoubtedly grow as additional functionality is added to the process.

How is it done?

The content of the web pages is maintained in a database. That sounds more complicated than it really is. Whilst the database has been developed to provide all the normal web requirements, the site is built specifically around your data needs. This ensures that the site works for you.

The site produced contains all the files needed to be hosted on any server providing up to date PHP/MySQL services on the internet.

How's that different?

Many web development providers lock their clients into their own servers and provide sites that can not be readily ported to another developer should there be a requirement to do so. Our sites are portable and can be maintained by any developer with PHP/MySQL, HTML and CSS skills. We do have preferred hosting which enables us to ensure that any changes to the operating environment does not impact on the way in which the site is served across the internet. However, there is no requirement to host the site on our preferred servers.


The importance of interest and interaction

A web site provides a window through which your business can be seen. This service happens all day, every day without making customers wait in line. The first and most important aspect of a web page is to capture and retain the visitors interest long enough for them to determine if your business provides the product or service that they are looking for. Once the visitor is encouraged to view the content of the site, maintaining that interest becomes important. This is where involving the visitor becomes important. Our sites have several features available to maintain the visitors interest. Polls and blogs encourage the visitor to become involved in issues important to your business. Content can be set up to be included based on a start date and a finish data. This can be especially useful for special offers that have start and end dates and also for events that need to be advertised between certain dates. We will be happy to discuss the relevance of these to your business.


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  • Image Gallery
  • Date specific content
  • Up to 50 Polls
  • Self registration
  • Content Authorisations
  • Dynamic menus
  • Contact forms
  • Blog on any page
  • Product showcase

Catching up

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