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Steps to build a site

At Guybon.com, we build sites as a destination. Visitors should feel that they have arrived, settle in, look around and find out what is on offer. When they leave, we want them to feel that another visit will be worth while. Building customer commitment through relevant content and involvement.

No two site developments are the same. However there are steps which are common to most.

domain name


In order to ensure that the site can be made available as soon as it is ready, it is important to decide on a domain name, register it and determine where the site will be hosted.

As a rough guide, registration of a domain name costs in the region of $30 per year and hosting comes in at $100 - $200.

data requirements

Determine the site data requirements

We need to understand the requirements for the site before we commit to code. This is not a difficult task for much of the site because we already have most requirements catered for. However, if there are additional requirements, these should be understood at this stage.

Whilst it is a simple matter to add pages as required, it is useful at this stage to also have an idea of the pages required and the sequence in which they should appear in the navigation menu.


Prepare the code that will provide the site's functionality

Once the requirements are understood, this step should be able to be completed in a matter of hours. If the requirements are for significant additional programming, it may be wise to start off with the necessary functiionality and add the remainder once the site has become established.

style the site

Style the site

This stage involves setting up the colours and images that will appear consistently on every page. Items such as the Header, footer and borders between page elements. It is useful to have content (text and images) for at least one page at this stage to measure the effect of the page.

data entry

Enter the content for each page

Until the content is available, pages can be set such that they are only available when logged in as an administrator. This means that the site can be made available to the public before all the content has been entered and pages will only become available when their authorisation level is changed to include the public.

Content is best provided with the text in a word document and the images as jpeg files. A rough sketch of the layout also helps the designer to know which images go where.


Launch the site

This step can be taken while the previous step is underway. As long as the Home page is signed off, the site can be progressively made available as each page is signed off.

sign off

Sign off

Once the site is operational, we will require signoff and final payment. The entire process for a site with less than 10 pages can be accomplished in less than a week from start to finish.

We have found that it is the finalisation of content that generally causes the greatest delays. The sooner the content is finalised the quicker the site will become available


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  • Image Gallery
  • Date specific content
  • Up to 50 Polls
  • Self registration
  • Content Authorisations
  • Dynamic menus
  • Contact forms
  • Blog on any page
  • Product showcase


Running Costs (PA)
Set up (One off)
Site build400
- - - -
Total (1st year)$855

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