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Special Offer

Special offer

In October 2011 we launched our affordable web sites product (aptly named Dollar a day).

Gowide removes the up front cost burden of building a web site and provides a web presence for just under $1.00 per day.

Basic quick start under GoWide.com.au

These sites are hosted under our domain 'GoWide.com.au' and so there is no need to obtain your own domain registration. You will need to chose a unique name that refers to your self or your business. Assming a name of 'widgets' the web addrss for your site would be 'GoWide.com.au/widgets'.

Registered Domain Name

The sites are exactly the same as the >Basic quick start sites with the exception that the web address of your site would be your domain name. You would be responsible for the cost of maintaining the domain registration. We can help you to register your own domain name if required. We recommend Web 24

Already have a site

We recognose that sometimes, sites become outdated and a burden to maintain. This is especially the case if you can not maintain the content yourself.

If you would like to try out the site it can be set up as a quick start site under 'GoWide.com.au' and then if you are happy with the result, transferred under your domain name. (Low risk, low outlay)

How is it done? - What do you get?

  • We have developed processes to allow you to take control of the look and feel of your site. You have control over background and text colours as well as the images that appear on the pages.
  • The site is content managed. That means that you enter the content for each page with the aid of a simple to use editor.
  • You have access to a backup link that sends you an email containing all that is required to quickly recreate your site in the event of any unforseen tragedy.
  • The standard site contains the following pages which may be renamed to whatever you like:
    • Home
    • About Us
    • Latest News
    • Acknowledgements
    • Contact Us


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  • Image Gallery
  • Date specific content
  • Up to 50 Polls
  • Self registration
  • Content Authorisations
  • Dynamic menus
  • Contact forms
  • Blog on any page
  • Product showcase


Running Costs (PA)
Set up (One off)
Site build400
- - - -
Total (1st year)$855

Catching up

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