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Tour Headquarters

This is the headquarters of our tour. From here you will be guided to a selection of pages designed to help you determine what you want from the web and how to get it.

Start the tour

In the right column there is a panel that lists the pages on the tour. This panel consistently sits in the same position on each page of the tour and the current page is highlighted.

How to contact us

If, at any stage, you wish to contact us. Just put your name and Phone or email address into the Information panel, enter the security code and click on submit. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Process

Describes the process involved in creating a new site.

What makes a good site

Asks some questions about what makes a site worthwhile.

Features of our sites

Our sites are designed from the ground up to fit your business needs. However, there are many features that are common to all sites and this page talks about some of these.

Already have a site?

If you already have a site, is it working for you? Here you will find some questions to ask yourself to help determine whether your site is doing a good job.

Looking for a web site?

If you are new to the web or you need a new site for a particular venture, this is a good starting point.

How much will it cost?

The question on everyone's lips. Unfortunately, there is no short answer but this page provides an insight into the basic costs of building and maintaining a site.

What we need from you

This page gives some insight into what will be required before we can produce a site for you. After all, it is your site, your business and so you need to be the prime mover.


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  • Image Gallery
  • Date specific content
  • Up to 50 Polls
  • Self registration
  • Content Authorisations
  • Dynamic menus
  • Contact forms
  • Blog on any page
  • Product showcase

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